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Assises Européennes du Paysage




Schedules, topics and official workshops – subject to approval for several speakers











All the debates and presentations during the plenary sessions of Wednesday 6th of April will be translated simultaneously

from French to English and English to French; as will the Promenade du Paillon visit and the speeches during the soirées of the 6th and the 7th of April.








The Cité Verte sequences are part of the 7th Assises  Européennes du Paysage



8:30am – 9:30am: CUM welcome committee (Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen)


9:30am: Greeted by Benoît GANEM, President of Val’hor and Jean-Marc BOUILLON, President of the  FFP


9:45am: Can landscape save the city?

Facilitator: Bertrand TIERCE
In view of the past few weeks' dramatic events, the interventions' problematic will be focused on the notion of risk and threat. Draught, violent floods, irreversible landscape transformation; which contributions can be brought by the different disciplines involved, and how can landscape planning, on the coasts of the Mediterranean and elsewhere, bring a solution to these questions?



Alain PHILIP, CEO of technical services for the city and the Nice Côte d'Azur Metropole

Jacques FERRIER, architect, co-author of Beautiful Mediterranean

Ana LUENGO, Citerea agency, landscape architect, Spain, Former President of IFLA-Europe

Leor LOVINGER, Urbanof agency, landscape architect, Israel
Olivier PHILIPPE, Ter agency, landscape architect, planner                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Debates/exchanges with the participants


11:45am: Great Witness

Jean-Jacques AILLAGON, the Promenade des Anglais Registration for UNESCO World Heritage


Morning rapporteur: Yves PILORGE


12:15am: Leave for lunch (the Ruhl Cabaret-Casino )

Access on foot


2:00pm: Visit of the Promenade du Paillon
Awarded the Grand prix du jury and Prix du public of the Victoires du Paysage 2014

Tour led by Michel PÉNA, landscape architect, as well as the other actors in the boardwalk development (landscape contractors, nurseries, building owners...), in order to show the expertise used in this project.


3:30pm: return to the Centre Universitaire Mediterranéen (CUM)


4:00pm: Roundtable: Landscape, the constituent of a culture and identity?

The Mediterranean Rim is almost static, but human history is constantly rewritten and (thus) transforms the territories.
Does the Mediterranean landscape have an identity - or identities - in this era of globalization? How can we consider the Mediterranean identity today, “La Part du Milieu” to quote Fernand BRAUDEL; reflect on city and territory, in a balanced contemporary relationship between geography and the past? How can an ancient landscape and garden culture anchor a society in its territory?


Bernard LATARJET, Director of European Capital of Culture Marseille-Provence 2013
Sébastien GIORGIS, Deputy Mayor of Avignon, landscape architect, Paysages agency

Jellal ABDELKAFI, landscape architect, urban planner, Tunisia

Véronique MURE, ethnobotanist, The Fort Saint-Jean in Marseille


Rapporteur: Michel AUDOUY


5:15pm: Intermission


5:30pm: Roundtable: Environment and climate, through the landscape prism

The Mediterranean environment is mixed, just like its climate. Over time, societies have adapted to this diversity of

situations, thus shaping specific landscapes around water, agriculture, gardens and cities. The beautiful scenery and

mild climate have contributed to the development of tourism and the large population influx, with consequences

sometimes dramatic for the ecological balance.

How can one reconnect with Mediterranean nature and reinvent landscapes that reflect the balance of this




Mohammed EL FAÏZ, Economist and garden historian, Professor at Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech, Morocco

Frédéric MELKI, ecologist, BIOTOPE company

Miguel GEORGIEFF, landscape architect, COLOCO agency, Trame verte et bleue, le Plan de paysage des Calanques

(Green and blue belts, the Calanques landscape plan)

Alfred PETER, landscape architect, La ville nature, l’exemple de Montpellier (The “nature city”, Montpellier as an example)

Bertrand FOLLEA, landscape architect, Follea Gautier Agency, in charge of the landscape and energy chair at the ENSP Versailles.


Rapporteur: Michel PÉNA


6:45pm: Conclusions and prospects by major players of the sector


Conclusions of the rapporteurs


Conclusions by the presidents of the families:


Catherine MULLER, President of the UNEP

François FELIX, President of the FNPHP

Jean-Marc BOUILLON, President of the FFP

Benoît GANEM, President of Val'hor



Guests :

Jean-Pierre GUENEAU, President of Hortis

Anja BOSERUP QVIST, secretary général of IFLA Europe     


7:15pm: Closing speech by the Minister of Ecology (subject to availability)


8:00pm: Soirée at the Villa Masséna

A tour of the Masséna Museum garden, designed by Edouard André, and led by Chiara SANTINI, garden historian
A tour of the Villa Masséna, led by Jean-Pierre BARBERO, Director of the villa









9:00am: Main rendezvous

5 different mobile workshops will take place in Nice and its surrounding area.
A visit of 5 different sites that concern the issues highlighted in this convention: identity, territory, ecology. These are focused on the notion of risk as well as development contribution, seen through a landscape point of view.
Meeting with project supervisors, architects and other professionals of the industry.



1. The Sophia Antipolis Technopole

Tour introduction by Jean-Pierre CLARAC, landscape architect

Sophia 2030: Finding coherence for the site's general redevelopment project; according to the history of the place, the choice of facilities, establishing a green belt on unburned areas, still rich with woody species and biodiversity - an ecological vision.

Which choices to favour among very different positions?


  • Reception at La Casa (Sophia Antipolis Urban Community)
  • Recommendations for Sophia 2030: hyper park project for the Technopole, a forest park at the heart of the project.
  • Building equipped expressways, between the communes/municipalities and the heart of Sophia, in the green belt, with Ter agency
  • The cross-fertilization concept applied to the development of the Sophia Antipolis site, with Karin HELMS, Landscape Architect
  • The Landscape Plan "The Sophia Antipolis SCOT hills", which choices between very different positions? with Bertrand FOLLEA, landscape architect
  • Conclusions and visions of the future, with Serge BIBET, Director of Planning, Environment and Knowledge of the Territory in the Sophia Antipolis Urban Community.



2. The Siagne Valley (Cannes): territorial planning and environmental issues

Tour iintroduction by Didier COROT, landscape architect, geographer


Between coast and mountains, a presentation of the development projects and their impact on the territory.

Recovery of the Siagne Valley. Creation of the Agricultural Park.
Presentation of the Regional Nature Park Préalpes d’Azur and the issues of hinterland territory heritage management.


  • Welcome committee: City of Cannes and the Valley of the Siagne Municipality Commune.
  • Regional project of the city of Cannes, support to the agricultural plain, with Pascale VAILLANT, deputy mayor for the environment
  • Aromatic perfume plants for “Chanel”
  • The Regional Nature Park Préalpes d’Azur, with Fabienne MÉLINE, landscape architect



3. The Plaine du Var: the challenges of metropolization

Tour introduction by Michel PÉNA, landscape architect


The purpose of this workshop is to understand the major issues of the north/south vertical link - established by

the metropolis that connects the sea to the high peaks of the Mercantour; with a quest for complementarity

between the different scales of the region.

A specific point will be made on the Plaine du Var, French Operation of National Interest, with sustainable

development as a guideline.


  • Welcome committee: Métropole Nice Côte d'Azur
  • Presentation and visit of Nice Meridia, with Alain PHILIP, CEO of technical services of the city and the metropolis
  • The Eco Valley's key operation for the Plaine du Var, with Cécile BEAUDESSON, Devillers Agency
  • La-Tour-sur-Tinée: an agriculture and landscape policy in the metropole, with Caroline MOLLIE, landscape architect
  • Lunch and visit of the exhibition “Les quatre saisons de La Tour”
  • A tour from Vence to Cagnes sur mer


Alain FARAGOU, landscpae architect

Rémi DUTHOIT, State landscape consultant

Gaëlle AGGERI, landscape architect, head of the environmental engineering competence division of the CNFPT




4. Mediterranean gardens: between tradition and territorial identity

Tour introduction by Michel AUDOUY, landscape architect


A tradition of gardens from the  XIX th century to now, particularly active during the interwar period...


  • The Villa des Cèdres, botanical garden in Saint Jean-Cap Ferrat. Over 14000 tropical species
  • Agricultural garden tradition, with Gianluigi MASALA, on the other side of the border in Airolle, Italy
  • Lunch in Airolle, Italy, at the A Trincea domain
  • The Boulingrins garden in Monaco, with contractors Frédéric DELARUE and François LORDON, with Jean MUS, landscape architect, Patrick JACOB and Daniel VEYSSI, landscape contractors
  • Remarkable gardens in Monaco



5. Tourism and Mediterranean identity: the coastline, the French Riviera, from Cap d'Antibes to Nice

Tour introduction by Nikola WATTÉ, landscape architect


The contrasts, the variety of the landscape, the coast, the hinterland, the road, the two coastlines ...
Visit of several sequences and arrangements of the coastline - between valorisation of natural environment and development of urban walks.


  • “Bypassing the Eden Roc hotel”, with Françoise MOKEL, landscape architect
  • Port Vauban esplanade and Pré aux pêcheurs, Antibes, with Jean-Louis KNIDEL, landscape architect, APS Agency
  • “The Coastline between Antibes and Villeneuve-Loubet” Pierre FARNOLE, marine sedimentologist
  • The Vaugrenier park, with Guy MARÉCHAL, head of Natural Spaces, departmental board
  • Re-characterisation of the RN98 as a seaside boulevard, Cagnes-sur-Mer, with Alfred PETER, landscape architect
  • Quai des USA and Rauba-Capeu, with Denis CARLO, Infrastructure and Traffic Directorate, NCA (Nice Côte d'Azur)



7:00pm: International soirée, hosted by the Forum francophone des Affaires

Speakers: Steve GENTILI, President of the Forum Francophone des Affaires, Maguelonne DÉJEANT-PONS, Executive Secretary of the European Landscape Convention, Marc CLARAMUNT, Treasurer of IFLA Europe,  Emmanuel MONY, President of the ELCA (European Landscape Constructors Association)



  10:00pm: Nocturnal tours of the Promenade du Paillon







9:00am – 12:15pm: Room 1

National General Assembly of the FFP




9:00am – 12:15pm: Room 2

Roundtable and feedback:
“From green belts to urban planning, how to choose and accompany the plant alternative?”

Workshop offered by Plante & Cité in association with Hortis.


Between the positive influences on health, touristic attraction, impact on climate and landscape aesthetic, ecosystem services provided by plants are at the heart of urban projects. Such projects depend on the choice of plant alternatives, at all territorial scales, in order to guarantee and reconcile their functionality and management. This conference-workshop will have the opportunity to present urban planning tools and the good management practices that can enable the revegetation of the city. Feedback will illustrate the stakes and problematics in favour of the choice of the “plant devices” in a context of urban densification.


The names of the speakers will be released shortly



12:30pm: Inter-branch lunch meeting


2:30pm – 3:30pm: Room 1

Debate: Giving the floor to young graduates: their topics, their dreams, their future

Session moderated by Mathieu GONTIER, landscape architect, Teacher at the ENSP


  • Energy transition, by Adrien MORENI, landscape architect
  • Fire, friend of the forest, by Jordan SZCRUPAK, landscape architect
  • Produce locally, by Maxime DIÉDAT and Manon DIÉNY, landscape architects
  • Collaborative Economy and landscape project, by Thomas GONELLA, landscape architect
  • "The Crussol massif. Scout of the Mediterranean“ by Julie-Amadea PLURIEL, landscape architect



2:30pm – 4:00pm: Room 2

Debate: Giving the floor to clients, project leaders and to public political landscape representatives within the territories.

Workshop organized by the CNFPT, AEP partner, in collaboration with the AITF territorial professional networks and Hortis.

Session animated by Gaëlle AGGERI, landscape architect, research associate and head of the environmental engineering competence division of the CNFPT.


How did local public procurement evolve in landscape, 20 years after the Loi Paysage (the 1993 Landscape law)? Who are the new public actors? Which are the landscape design offices' new exploration opportunities; between territorial reforms and biodiversity laws/ecology transitions?



Karine MANGIN, Landscape Officer, Landscape and Advertisement office. The great tendencies of public landscape trade evolution (confirmation pending)

Michel AUDOUY, landscape architect, President of the Landscape Trade Commission of Val'hor, executive secretary of the FFP. The evolution of the landscape architect's title. What do landscape design offices expect from public procurement?

Didier LABAT, landscape architect, research associate for the ENSP, TVB & Planning project manager for the Ministry of Ecology. The new perspectives of the territorial projects “landscape-biodiversity”.

Patrick BERGER, landscape architect, President of the Association des Ingénieurs Territoriaux de France (Association for Territorial Engineers of France), Head of service for Landscape for the city of Montpellier. A view on 30 years of entrenchment of urban projects by landscape architects at different levels, Montpellier.

Thibaut BEAUTE, landscape economist, Deputy Director-General of the Cergy Pontoise communauté d’ agglomération, administrator of the ENSP and the CNVVF. The inter-municipalities' strategic ladder in the Landscape project.

Debate: Which good dynamic between project architects for public interest landscape projects and contractors?



4:00pm: Intermission


3:30pm: Roundtable: "Horticulture at the service of urbanity"
Mediterranean countries have a rich garden tradition that has often contributed to its cities' structures. How can horticulture and garden art become the building blocks of tomorrow's city and how can they reinvent?

Debate animated by Didier Maingreaud



Dominique DOUARD, President of the SNHF

Thibaut BEAUTÉ, administrator of the National Committee of “flower” Cities and Villages (Comité National des Villes et Villages Fleuris)

Pierre-Marie TRICAUD, landscape architect, the Tripoli example

Isabelle LINSKI, landscape architect, examples in Morocco

François FELIX, nurseryman

A landscape contractor (UNEP)



5:00pm: Conclusions of the day


7:00pm: FFP soirée













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